Magnus on SoulPancake


I’m not sure how or why, but for some reason Magnus Carlsen (famous for being a male model, though also known to dabble in chess) gave an interview to Rainn Wilson on SoulPancake recently. You will recall Rainn as the only reason to tune in to “The Office” (A.K.A. the “Jim and Pam” show,) where he goes by “Dwight Shrute.” I’m not sure how much Magnus was paid to appear on this little webisode, but I hope it was a significant sum of money. Chess is only discussed in the most abstract, cursory and metaphorical terms, though I guess that’s to be expected given the target audience of this nonsense. Perhaps the producers can next invite Grigori Perelman onto the show and only ask him about his favorite kind of cereal. I can hardly recommend wasting your time by watching the below video, and I post it here more out of a sense of obligation than of any kind of approval… though I know there are some of you who will actually enjoy it.