Marshall U1800

Once again the Marshall U1800 slipped through my fingers- I finished with 3.5 out of 4 and did not manage to get a prize as there were two people who finished with 4. My wins weren’t all that interesting to be honest, so I’m including my draw against Nicholas Vidal. I knew that Nicholas played the grandprix attack against the sicilian, but I thought if I played the “sniper” move order I might trip him up and get something quickly out of the opening. The opening transposed into a Dragon, Levinfish variaiton, in which I might have had something at some point but definitely misplayed the kingside attack, overlooking the move 36.Bg5!, which basically calmed the storm instantly while winning another pawn. At this point, as I was pondering my completely lost position, my opponent offered me a draw – which I declined- knowing that I would need 4 points to get a prize with so many entries. However, several moves later we were repeating moves and I extended my hand.

I’m not terribly upset about drawing this game -though I wish I had played the modern instead in retrospect-and I have to admit that Nicholas played very well against me.

Turning our attention to our ongoing coverage of the race to 2000, with this tournament (performance rating of 1907) my live uscf rating is now 1765- just 235 points away from 2000- As some of you know, I’m in a race with Boris Izrayelit to 2000 (first one there gets a bottle of bruichladdich at the other’s expense.) At this pace, I should be there by the end of summer. When I do – the party is at your place Boris!