Marshall Weds U2000

imagesSo once again I decided to play a little chess this Wednesday evening despite an insane work schedule of back to back 18 hour days on Monday and Tuesday at both of my jobs, though I managed to win a messy game despite the fatigue. 12.0-0-0 is the kind of move I should have seen as White would then have a comfortable advantage, though the idea didn’t even occur to me. My opponent was a deceptively tricky little girl, and when she played the creative sacrifice 15…Nxa2!? I sank into deep thought for about 15 minutes before deciding not to take the knight. My engine suggests first playing 16.Nh4 (which I did) and then taking the knight (which I didn’t,) when White would reach an ending up a piece but facing two connected outside passers- no thank you. Instead, I was able to activate my rooks on the queenside and with the help of one or two inaccuracies on my opponent’s part I quickly won once we reached an ending.