Nakamura @ The Marshall Chess Club!

photoThis evening was slated to be a quiet evening at the Marshall Chess Club, with many members taking byes to celebrate the holidays. However, one former member stopped by to say hi. It’s always awkward engaging a chess celebrity (or any celebrity for that matter.) For chess fans like us, Nakamura is a household name and we follow his results around the globe… but getting to meet him in person unexpectedly was pretty awesome-

When he first walked into the club, everyone instantly recognized him and we shared knowing looks with one another, though no one was quick to introduce themselves or gush like Justin Bieber fans. Instead we all looked at each other thinking “that’s Nakamura!” It’s hard to imagine an analog for such a strange celebrity sighting. If A-rod walked into a baseball card shop in New York, would all of the patrons avoid eye-contact with him while silently concurring with each other that yes, “that’s really him.”

Luckily, Majur Juac was quick to break the ice by challenging him to a blitz game, after which I couldn’t help but ask for a photo.

Here is one of our hometown hero’s recent victories against the evil Russians.

photo (2)