Queens Chess Club Team Championship


Last night, Pavel and I trekked out to the Queens Chess Club to check it out. The club meets in the basement of a church every Friday night, where they have tons of space. There were 8 teams registered to play, though their space could easily hold twice as many. Pairings are done by hand, and the round started more than half an hour late, but no one seemed to notice or complain and overall everyone seemed to know each other.

My game ended in a draw, though I had several simple winning plans that I missed, I’m just too much of a wimp to allow my opponent’s rook to start capturing pawns on the kingside of the board, though my engine shows it’s winning. Meh… Pavel won his again against Dolly Teasley, so as a team we won our round. Obviously, I want nothing more than to win the Queens Chess Club Team Championship and take the title home to Brooklyn where it belongs. Wish us luck in the next three rounds.