Sveshnikov Files

The other day I tried my hand at the G/45, but withdrew after the following loss. I’ve decided to make an effort to play the Sveshnikov more often than the French going forward, though we will see if my nerves can hold. In this game, I play rather well and build up a nice position, though I continuously fail to play the key moves Ne7 and Be6 that are so crucial and necessary in this particular position. I’m proud of the move 24…d5, which rids me my of my main weakness and clears way for the dark square bishop to occupy the c5 square all at the expense of one doomed pawn. The computer doesn’t love it, though it doesn’t hate it too much either considering it gives white only a plus .5 eval in a position where I’m down two pawns. In any case, I certainly learned a few key ideas here that will not soon be forgotten.