A Chess Parody- Eviscerating My System: The Immortal Overprotection Game

To the incredulous, the above game was published in the February,
1928 issue of the Wiener Schachzeitung under the editorship of Hans
Kmoch admired and esteemed Nimzovitch as a great player and a
profound and original thinker. Yet he could not help poking sly fun at
Nimzovitch’s often pompous and bombastic manner. Luckily this
rollicking parody is so good-natured, with a few grains of sense artfully
concealed in a farrago of nonsense, that Nimzovitch expressed himself
as vastly amused by it. – Ed. [I.A. Horowitz]
A strange commentary on the parody was written by R.E. Fauber on page 209 of Impact of Genius (Seattle, 1992):
‘My System is a peach of a book, ripe both for adulation and parody. When Hans Kmoch’s parody of Nimzovich was reprinted in Chess Review in 1951, readers took the nonsense as serious instruction. Reading that “the move is strong because it is weak!” after the moves 1 e4 e6 2 h4!! caused not a ripple. Some agreed with another note in which “Herr Sistemsson” wrote, “The fact is that I’m a marvelous player, even if the whole chess world bursts with envy”.
One reader wrote, “Sold one copy [of My System], Nimzovich’s system seems to me really good.” Another reader diffidently wrote, “I hope I don’t offend anyone. But I think Aaron [sic] Nimzovich went wrong by 23 Q-R7 …” and demonstrated that “Sistemsson’s fictitious opponent overlooked a mate in six”.
Even in jest it was Nimzovich’s fate to be misunderstood. The public applauded his teachings only after they had been carefully distorted …’