Ajedrez en Buenos Aires


I apologize for not posting much lately. Today Jim West asked me directly why I hadn’t written anything in a while and I had to concede I have simply dropped the ball. As you guys know, I was in Buenos Aires all summer enjoying the cold weather and trying to learn some Spanish. However, maybe you didn’t know that chess is also huge in Argentina. I made the rounds at the various chess clubs and even encountered a few games on the street.



photophoto (2)
Club Torre Blanco is pretty awesome- i stopped by there my first night in Buenos Aires and immediately was welcomed by a hipster in his 20′s named Igor who showed me around and suffered through my terrible Spanish. It reminds me of the Marshall: a bit dirty, but rich with history and full of loyal members who show up late into the evening for both rapid and slow events 7 days a week. While I was there I played a few casual blitz games and even enjoyed a beverage from their cafe.

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Another amazing club I discovered in the upscale hood known as “Recoleta” was the Club Argentino de Ajedrez. The building itself is gorgeous, replete with a winding wooden staircase and cafe that serves everything from espresso and empanadas to media lunes and Quilmes. I played in several Open rapid events, achieving a performance rating of 2060 with 4/7 and won the $130AR class prize, which I spent the next morning on a “bife de chorizo” for breakfast.

In any case, now that I am back in town I promise to write more regularly and perhaps to even play in a few tournaments and post my games here. Word on the street is that Boris Izrayelit is hosting a BBQ swiss event in his garden this weekend.

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