Liam Murphy Wins the Manhattan Open (U1400)

I chatted with Liam, who is a new colleague of mine, about his recent results in the Manhattan Open. I asked him to send along his games with some notes and his thoughts on the tournament so I could share the with you all here.

Friday – I attended a dinner party in Brooklyn. The theme was finger food. I mixed wine, tequila shots, and beer. …bad call.

Saturday – I woke up hungover, with quite the migraine, dehydrated and only an hour and a half before the tournament began. I thought I had read it would be ok to register online until an hour before the tournament began. This was wrong. Registration ended two hours before the tournament began. Luckily Tamar was onsite, registered me for the tournament and registered us for mixed doubles.

Round 1: With coffee, gatorade, banana, and muffin in hand I sat down moments before clocks started for round 1. I could be seen massaging my head often during the game. Calculating deeply was a struggle and required breaks. I felt fortunate to eek out the win.

Round 2: Needing some air after round 1 I found a smoothie place. A smoothie and another banana was all I felt I could stomach but I was starting to feel minorly better. I was finding calculating easier and after taking a “free” cpawn early I took another tough victory.

Round 3: I was able to stomach solid food! Also my migraine was all but gone but I was still feeling tired. I grabbed another coffee and headed back to the hotel for round 3. I saw I was playing a 2-0 player who was rated <1000. I knew the player would be much tougher than his rating. Fun fact my opponent's uscf rating was so low because he was from Mexico and this game was played without a clock. Round 4: Saturday Night I attended a birthday party of a friend who came to town. Luckily I stuck with only beer this time and woke feeling much more refreshed but still a bit tired. I grabbed the same breakfast as the morning before and prepared for a tough game. I would say this was my toughest game and was only able to eek out a positional win late in the game after my opponent, low on time, blundered.

Round 5: The championship round. I had seen several of my opponents games and from what I had seen he had almost always out developed and beat down his opposition. I was prepared for a tough game in store. This is also the game I am most proud of from the weekend. Grabbing my second coffee before the game I was feeling very alert. My opponent made a mistake early and I was able to punish it out developing and eventually cruising to a relatively easy win.

Results: 5-0. 6 way(i forget the number) tie for 3rd in mixed doubles.