Active Pieces: Practical Advice from America’s Most Relentless Tournament Player

Active Pieces

Finally, the collection of Jay Bonin’s off-beat thoughts and interesting ideas on how to win tournament games is coming out on Feb. 7th. I’ve already received several emails from bookstores asking to pre-order the book, and I hear through facebook that the pre-orders are stacking up on Amazon as well. It’s no surprise, few players have the name recognition in the U.S. club tournament scene that Jay Bonin does. As one of the most active tournament players alive in the U.S. today, it’s often joked that if he were to write a book titled “My 10,000 best tournament games” it would still not be enough to encompass the majority of his tournament career.

This book tries to achieve something different in scope than simply cataloguing Jay’s games. Instead, the authors have tried to piece together how Jay thinks and plays in a way that can be understood by the reader using this games as examples. While he may be a tricky tactician who is good at calculation, below the surface there are a few formulas that guide his decision making process from the opening into the endgame and this book aims to enumerate what exactly those formulas are as well as how and when to apply them.

While there are many interesting games that I could select from, the following is one of my favorites from the chapter titled: “Keep it Complicated, Stupid.”

You can order a copy here.