Branch Office Swiss!

The first weekly event held at the Branch Office had 7 players show up! Not bad considering this was our first event and several more players have signed up for next Sunday as well despite the conflict with the Manhattan Open. If you’re not playing in the Manhattan Open and would like to chill while playing a few rated games in a peaceful garden, shoot us an email at by 6pm this Friday and we will confirm a spot for you in Sunday’s 3 round G/25;d5 Swiss. Again, there is no entry fee and there are no prizes, this is just rated chess among friends over beverages – details here. .

Also – A big Shoutout to organizer and Chief TD Robert Leonard! The event was not only his idea but also his first of many as a Chief TD!

The USCF Crosstable can be found here.

While I had two wins and one loss, the loss is really the only game worth looking at. I knew that I had to give up a central pawn in this line but completely forgot the correct way to do it. The brave 6…Nc6 was called for, when Black would be ok and White likely shouldn’t accept the pawn sacrifice right away.

Branch office 2