End Of Summer Chess Book Sale!

Fred Wilson’s Chess Book Store is holding an “End of Summer” SALE on SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th, from noon until 7:00 PM. 20% off on ALL books in stock (not sets, clocks or boards), but CASH & CARRY only!

He has acquired a couple of very good collections this Summer
certainly has more (a lot more!) good books in the shop than usual.

FREE 90 minute instructional chess video (for a VCR!) with every
purchase of $10.00 or more on sale day!

Fred Wilson Chess Books
80 East 11th Street
Suite 334
New York, NY 10003

PHONE: 212-533-6381
email: fred@fredwilsonchess.com

Otherwise, I hope to see many of you at the fabulous NJ OPEN, at the
Morristown, NJ Hyatt Hotel, Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 2-4th!!