Lichess Studies – brief tutorial

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Over the last few years I have skipped around using various online platforms to play blitz and study chess, including the obvious ones like ICC, FICS, playchess and But has really impressed me lately for a number of reasons. It’s been around for several years but never really had a robust platform that could compete with the previous sites I mentioned until recently. First of all, you do not need to download a client to play on the site- as all of it’s features run in the browser. As an open source, free online service it is a totally different animal than say- which is a site like so many others that is designed to separate you from your money. Instead, the lichess developers are focused more on building a community of like-minded people who just want to make a great platform for chess players to come together and share their ideas, teach one another, and play.

One of the most useful features on lichess is “studies.” I have been investing a lot of time and energy into building “studies” on lichess over the past year. I’ve converted several of my favorite chess books into lichess studies and continue to add new material all the time.

here is a lichess demo video on how to use the various functions in the study feature. If you make a cool study and want to share send me a link in the comments.