Puzzle of the Week

In this week’s puzzle, Black has just played …Rb2, pinning White’s Queen to the weakness on g2. How did white save the game?

Same as last week, first one to email me a correct winning variation gets a free round at the Branch Office Sunday!


Several people emailed me with winning variations (you know who you are!) and if any of the 3 of you show up to Branch Office for our Swiss event I am happy to put your first round on my tab.

This position is from an actual game, and while there are different paths to winning- including Rb1 as pointed out by George Wang, Alapin found a nice line with the cooperation of his opponent that I enjoyed: 1.Rd1 Qa8 2.Qe4 Rb8 3.Rb1 c2 4. Rxb8 Qxb8 5.a7 Qc8 6.a8=Q c1=Q 7.Qe8+ Qxe8 8.Qxe8# – There are some interesting sidelines as well and while this line isn’t forced I thought it was the prettiest.